IGMA Artisan Petit Point Design

All of the miniature petit point patterns Created by Hong McKinsey (IGMA artisan by Needlework 2019) Please do no re-sell the pattern or post it online. Thank you!

IGMA Artisan Memeber Awards
IGMA Artisan Submission


If you don't know how to do Petit Point, here are couple links that show you how to do it.

How to do petit point stitch?

Video: How to do petit point stitch?


Find the center of the graph. For most patterns this is shown with arrows or a bold line. Next, find the center of your silk gauze. An easy way to do this is to fold the silk gauze in half vertically and "pinch" with your finger to make a small crease. Open the silk gauze, fold in half horizontally and make another "pinch". Open the silk gauze up. The two creases will mark the center of the silk gauze. Most stitchers like to start stitching close to the center of the design.

KNOTS on the back will show through, so DO NOT do not use any knots to start or end. Or you can use waste knots to begin.

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