Free Printable Wallpaper


On this page you will find wallpapers to download. Each wallpaper file is 8" x 10".

To save the wallpaper to your computer. Hold your mouse over the image, right click and select 'save image as'

Once you have saved the wallpaper image to your computer, you can print it on your personal printer.

Tip for Printable Doll House Wallpaper

1. printed on Cardstock , this is paper that is about the weight or thickness of a greeting card.

2. It is important to seal the printables.If you skip this step the ink on your wallpaper may run if it gets even slightly moist. I usually use matte spray or a glossy spray. You can purchase sealers from the hobby shop. The Matte spray is best for most dollhouse printable wallpapers. so you can however use hairspray if you don't mind your wallpaper a bit glossy.

3. Glue: You can use Acid Free Paste glue or glue sticks that look like a large lipstick. This is the cleanest and easiest way. Its important to cover the entire back of the wallpaper, especially the edges.

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