Japanese Dollhouse Miniature Furniture -Wheel Chest 1:12


Japanese Miniature Furniture for Dollhouse 1:12 Wheel Chest ( Kuruma Dansu )

Material: Wood

Color : Walnut

It stands 3 3/4" tall, 4 3/8” wide and 1 7/8” deep

Kuruma Dansu ( Wheel Chest) History

The development of Japanese furniture grew out of the early use of simple lidded boxes or woven baskets, for the storage of kimono and personal possessions......

.....Over time, where household possessions, clothing and decorations were changed seasonally, chests on wheels were a popular method of moving goods between the main house in a compound and a kura - the earthquake and fire resistant thick walled store room - a substantial store room where goods were well protected, for safe keeping, often along with the precious rice harvest in rural areas.

Though often called karuma = or vehicle chests, kuruma is the more accurate term as originally they were stored in the kura

In the Edo period when the urban population grew exponentially, many more kuruma chests were to be seen in Edo (Tokyo) especially as the aristocracy were obliged by decree of the Shogun to spend a certain amount of time each year there to ensure they did not conspire to rise up against him

This led to the popularity of the wheeled storage chest amongst the general populace as the design was seen as a pragmatic method of fleeing quickly from fires with possessions, following in the aftermath of the frequent earthquakes.

Kuruma chests became illegal in built up areas after the conflagration, the Great Fire of Tokyo, mid C17th. Many perished after one notable 'traffic' jam as kuruma dansu clogged the narrow streets hampering the effort of fire fighters to quell the flames.

Distinctive Wheel Chest with six moving drawers.

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